A Book Review of Animal Farm

Topics: Animal Farm, Leon Trotsky, Soviet Union Pages: 4 (1393 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Animal Farm
Written By George Orwell in 1946
Preface Written By Russell Baker
139 Pages
Fiction / “Fairy Story” (Fable)

Summary: The Moore Farm of 20th century England is an ordinary farm where life for everyone seems fairly normal. But, what the humans don’t realize is that the farm animals meet together in secret to conspire against them, because they believe they are being taken advantage of and treated like slaves. The animals eventually rally together and run all of the humans off the farm and begin to run it by themselves, renaming it “Animal Farm”. Life for them is great, even better than it was when the humans were in charge. Two pigs named Snowball and Napoleon establish themselves as leaders and help to assign the different animals jobs around the farm. As years pass however, the two pigs begin to disagree on how they should treat the animals and this leads to them turning against each other. Napoleon, the smarter of the two, gathers together a small army of dogs he brainwashed to only follow him and orders them to run Snowball off the farm, in addition to kill any of the animals who don’t agree to submit to him as their new dictator. Ironically, this story ends with life for the animals becoming worse than it was when humans were in charge and they wish for things to be back to the way they were years earlier. Scenes: My favorite scene from this book can be found in Chapter 4 (54-60) which takes place a few years after the original animal rebellion. Mr. Jones, the former owner and head farmer of Moore Farm, learns of its new prosperity and how comfortable the animals have become. Thinking himself to be a fairly clever man, he decides this is the perfect time to take the farm back. At the same time the owners of the two adjacent farms to Animal Farm, Foxwood Farm and Pinchfield Farm, hear the same news and worry that a similar rebellion could happen on their farms. The three farmers gather together a mob, for lack of a better word, made up of...
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