Your Real Age Versus Your Actual Age

Topics: Nutrition, Protein, Project management Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: March 4, 2013
RealAge Project

Completion of the online RealAge test resulted in a “RealAge” of 35 1/2. That is two and a half years younger than my actual age. After viewing the assessment, I will be committing to a few recommendations to help obtain the goal of becoming healthier and hopefully increase my life’s longevity. The goals I am committing to include: changes to my daily diet, the introduction to more cardio in my weekly schedule, and getting adequate sleep each evening. My first goal and probably the most difficult will be altering my daily diet. I usually eat pretty much whatever I want. However I have noticed within the last couple of years that has been yielding more negative results on my body. Another thing I have neglected over the years has been to consistently eat breakfast. Although my schedule for the day begins rather early, I just do not find the time to eat. I will now be including a high protein shake every morning to my meal plan. I already have plenty of protein powder around here with a two teen boys so I should be able to implement this with ease. Another goal I plan to add to my weekly routine is cardio! I am horrible about doing cardio and I have never been much of a runner. My goal will be to implement 30 minutes of cardio 3 days a week to start. If everything goes well, I will add another day. I will either do stairs or cycling to complete this goal. This has long been something I have needed to do, so this “project” should help give me that extra push. My third goal should probably be the simplest; sleep. We all need it, but seem to never get enough. I can testify to the positive results from getting adequate sleep, as I have reaped the benefits before. I will now make it a priority to go to bed at a designated time that gives me a full 8 hours sleep each evening. I do not foresee any issues with this as long as I go to bed when my husband does! I plan to evaluate my progress by keeping a...
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