Why Not to Eat Fast Food Speech

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  • Published : October 18, 2012
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Attention getter: would you like fries with that?
Intro topic: -commonly heard
-380 calories in a med. Fries
(McDonald’s, nutrients)
Thesis: American’s should limit the amount of fast food they eat on a regular basis.

Pro No. 1: eating fast food is bad for your health and is causing a rise of obesity in the states. Reason: fast food is low in nutrients
Prove: -low in important vitamins, fibers, and minerals
-empty calories
-“healthy” choices aren’t so healthy
Reason: high in fat
Prove: -fried foods are high in saturated fat and trans- fat
-Trans-fat raise the LDL levels which are the bad levels of cholesterol
-heart attacks and cardiac arrest
(Miller, page 1)
Reason: the workers are gross
Prove:-many lack the training in food safety edu.
-not much hand-washing
-touch raw-meat and then buns
(Gallam, NA)
Cons: to busy to cook
Prove:-many have jobs
-not enough time to cook
-fast and easy
(Hitti, NA)
Con: easy and convince
Prove: -can be eating with out forks or knives or plates
-can be eaten while driving
-over 50,000 fast food chains in the states
(NA, page 1)
Con: it’s not all that bad
-they have salads
-milk/water/healthy wraps
-don’t get the biggest size
-don’t visit it that often
(NA, page 1)
Thesis: American’s should limit the amount of fast food that they eat, for their heath.
Just because it is fast and easy or you choose a healthy choice does not mean
that it will not affect you. You should be careful of what you eat. Because fast food
is not good for you.
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