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Messages, Signs,
and Meanings
A Basic Textbook in
Semiotics and Communication


Volume 1 in the series
Studies in Linguistic and Cultural Anthropology

Series Editor:
Marcel Danesi, University of Toronto

Canadian Scholars’ Press Inc.

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Messages, Signs, and Meanings: A Basic Textbook in Semiotics and Communication Theory, 3rdEdition
by Marcel Danesi
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Danesi, Marcel, 1946Messages and meanings : an introduction to semiotics /by Marcel Danesi - [3rd ed.]

(Studies in linguistic and cultural anthropology)
Previously titled: Messages and meanings : sign, thought and culture. Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN 1-55130-250-0 (pbk.)

1 . Semiotics. I . Title. 11. Series.
P99.D26 2004



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A s cience that studies the life of signs within society is conceivable. It would be part of social psychology and
consequently of general psychology. I shall call it semiology (from Greek semeion “sign”). Semiology would show what constitutes signs, what laws govern them.
Ferdinand de Saussure ( 1857-1 913)

Semiotics is the science that attempts to answer the following question: What does X mean? The X can be anything from a single word or gesture, to an entire musical composition or film. The “magnitude” of X may vary, but the basic nature of the inquiry does not. If we represent the meaning (or meanings) that X encodes with the letter Y , then the central task of semiotic analysis can :

be reduced, essentially, to determining the nature of the relation X = I Let’s take, as a first case-in-point, the meaning of red. In this case, our X constitutes an English color term. A s it turns out, there is hardly just one answer to the question of what it means. At a basic level, it refers of course to a primary color located at the lower end of the visible spectrum. However, that very color can have a host of other meanings. Here are few of them: If it appears as a traffic signal, it means “stop” to anyone facing the signal at an intersection.

If it is the armband color worn by someone at a political rally, then the wearer is perceived to be an individual who espouses a particular lund of political ideology, often labeled as “left-wing” or “radical.” -3-



If it is the color of the flag used by someone at a construction site, then it is a signal of “danger.”
If it is used in an expression such as “turning red,”...
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