What Is My Subculture?

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Kathy Sandoval
Section 318
October 4, 2011

What is my subculture?
According to our text a subculture is a part of society that shares a distinctive pattern of customs, rules and traditions that differs from the pattern of the larger society. Texas has a separate culture that is different from other states. I am currently a student at Blinn College in Bryan and Lone Star College in Tomball. The subcultures of both schools are very different from each other in that many of the students I have met. At Lone Star many of the students that are attending are from the big city, or nearby Houston. This is much different from those who are attending Blinn because many of these students are small town country people who have experiences dealing with livestock. In just communicating with some of the students or listening to them talk you can tell they are not from a small town close to Bryan. I relate much better with those at Blinn because I too am from a small town nearby. As a college student, I can see that I am a part of a different subculture from others my age. For example now I am a college student but I am also a mom. I see things differently than others who are not yet moms and even those who are moms but their children are not as old as mine, which could be a subculture all its own. As a Hispanic, there are certain things that are a part of my culture that are different than those who are not Hispanic. With my family being born and raised in Texas, the things we experience are different from others outside Texas. My husband is from El Salavador and I get to hear about all the differences of those from Mexico and from El Salavador. Like the music tends to have a different beat and the food has a different taste. Like their rice is nothing like the rice my grandma makes. He does not have a very big family but they have a group of people they can relate to because they are from El Salavador as well. Because I am married to him, I am now a part of their small...
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