What Effect Did the First World War Have on Germany?

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1914 – 1918

World War I, was the First ‘World War’, it was a global military conflict which took place primarily in Europe from 1914 to 1918. Over 40 million casualties resulted, including approximately 20 million military and civilian deaths.

The Entente Powers, led by France, Russia, the British Empire, and later Italy (from 1915), and the United States (from 1917), defeated the Central Powers, led by the Austro-Hungarian, German, and Ottoman Empires. Russia withdrew from the war after its revolution in 1917.

The fighting that took place along the Western Front occurred along a system of trenches, breastworks, and fortifications separated by an area known as no man's land. These fortifications stretched 475 miles and defined the war for many. On the Eastern Front, the vast eastern plains and limited rail network prevented a trench warfare stalemate, though the scale of the conflict was just as large as on the Western Front. The Middle Eastern Front and the Italian Front also saw heavy fighting, while hostilities also occurred at sea, and for the first time, in the air.

The war caused the disintegration of four empires: the Austro-Hungarian, German, Ottoman, and Russian. Germany lost its colonial empire; Czechoslovakia, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland gained independence, while the Kingdom of Yugoslavia came into existence as a successor to the Kingdom of Serbia. The cost of waging the war set the stage for the breakup of the British Empire as well and left France devastated for more than a generation. World War I marked the end of the world order which had existed after the Napoleonic Wars, and was an important factor in the outbreak of World War II. Allied PowersCentral Powers

British EmpireAustria-Hungary
Russia (1914 – 1917)Ottoman Empire
Italy (1915 -1918)Bulgaria (1915 – 1918)
America (1917 – 1918)
Romania, Japan, Serbia, Belgium & Greece
War Facts
Germany believed they would win WW1.
Stalemate from 1915 – 1917
The Germans were partly to blame for the outbreak of WW1. The Germans did relatively well in WW1.
The Americans helped Britain win the war.
The food blockade on Germany was the more important than the fighting. Flu Epidemic & Starvation
The Germans were proud of their efforts.
The war affected everyone in Germany.
Situation at the End of the War
After WW1 Germany was left with two main political parties, the spartacists’ and the Social Democrats, Rosa Luxemburg, one of the spartacists leasers was still imprisoned for publishing anti-war propaganda. Both parties wanted the war to end and for the Kaiser to step down. After a few days of naval mutiny and ultimatums put in place by the social democrats, Kaiser fled to Holland. Both parties saw this as an opportunity to take a lead in Germany’s running. Although very messy and scary for the Citizens of Germany, the battle going on between the two parties would change Germany’s future. WW1 Homework

Out of a population of 65 million, Germany suffered 2.1 million military deaths and 430,000 civilian deaths due to wartime causes, especially the food blockade, plus about 17,000 killed in Africa and the other overseas colonies. During the fighting in the west and the east the people of Germany were mostly in support of the war. The belief was widespread that even though the war was forced upon the German people, it was for the "Greater Germany" that it could become. When the war started turning against Germany, there was still the general belief that at least they should gain something from their effort. The German people were mostly willing to have peace as long they did not have to give up any land. The government did not want peace because they thought it would be seen as a loss and the liberal party would lose popularity, and perhaps there would be a revolution. This situation can be compared to the conflict between Israel and the PLO, where Israel...
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