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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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What can S.H.I.T learn from VSU

My definition of an education is any way of gaining knowledge through any situation or experience in a person’s life. Webster’s Dictionary defines education as the process of educating or teaching, to develop knowledge, skills, or characteristics of a student. On the contrary, I believe that anybody can be educated to a certain extent of what they want or need to know. Many people who learn like to learn about the things that interest them and their thoughts of what they would like to be in the future. South Harmon Institute of Technology, SHIT, was an institute created by a teen in the movie, Accepted, to swindle the society in believing it was a real college. This creation of an institute showed freedom of learning to all who were accepted.

Society leaves many thinking that without a college education a person will become nothing. However this is not the case because many people have become successful without a college education, there are also many with a college education doing nothing with their lives. This movie Accepted is an example of how the social structure influences the adolescents today because the students of SHIT want to make their parents proud only by getting into a school; so much that they go about building their own. The most important question should be can a person make their parents proud without a college education?

Freedom of learning is a major concern when it comes to education in today’s society, because when students try to broaden their education it is usually limited to just a book in today’s classrooms. Books are not the only way to gain knowledge in life. A person should not limit themselves to the bindings of a hardcover and a few sheets of paper. Society now constricts many in schools to this method. S.H.I.T. used the greater method of choice to let the students decide what they wanted to learn; this was good in a way of keeping the students interested in learning. This could be an...
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