Viewing and Critiquing King Lear Act III Scene II

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  • Published : February 7, 2013
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Lesson 8 EBGU4
Support question # 10
Viewing and critiquing King Lear Act III scene ii
Theatre: Review
Benafsha Ahmadi
February 5, 2013
King Lear
Directed by Ouzounian
Written by William Shakespeare

To begin Viewing and critiquing King Lear Act III scene ii, Directed by Richard Ouzounian, written by William Shakespeare, I noticed that overall the production is good, but there are some weaknesses that could be better if a little afford applied and similarly, there are strength that gives the production good features. I watch the scene and I found out that the strengths and weakness of the production are equally analyzable. First I would like to critique the weaknesses in the production: in my point of view, the scene decoration, characters costumes and the severity of storm could be better if a little more afford applied—by blowing up some stuff like leaves, sticks or show the wind whaling wildly and dancing like tornedo and also dressing Lear in most King’s interesting costumes. Also the character that plays the role of King Lear could be older than the current character because he is not old enough to stir up audience emotional. In addition, if the character of fool bertried in thinner guy than current one, it would be more suitable because usually when you imaging a fool, you can see a very quick little guy. Soundly, in the production there are strengths as well --such as intonation, pausing, emphasis, volume, facial expression, and body language. The character of King Lear by applying above techniques used to convey and show relationships between himself, fool, Kent, God; and his stage of madness. For example, when he says, “ Blow winds, and crack your cheeks” (III ii 5) he is look up ward to the sky and it conveys that he is talking to his Lord. Or in other point, he gives hugs and kisses fool “Come on, my boy. How dost, my boy? Art cold? Which show his new understanding of poor world and his relationship with them. His Voice volume...
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