Urinalysis Case Study 2

Topics: Bilirubin, Hemoglobin, Diabetes mellitus Pages: 2 (418 words) Published: June 28, 2012
Pre-admission laboratory work on a patient scheduled for surgery shows a fasting blood glucose of 200mg/dl. Results of the routine urinalysis are: Color pale yellow Protein 1+ Blood negative
Appearance Clear Glucose Trace Urobilinogen normal
Sp. Gravity 1.030 Ketones trace Nitrite negative
pH 5.0 Bilirubin negative Leukocyte negative

1.Explain the correlation between the patient’s blood and urine results. The renal threshold for glucose is exceeded.

2.What is the most probable metabolic disorder associated with this patient? Diabetes mellitus

3.3. Considering the patient’s condition, what is the significance of the patient’protein results? Possible onset of nephropathy
4.What could have been done to delay the onset of proteinuria in this patient? Regulate the patient’s blood glucose level

5.If the patient in this study had a normal glucose, to what would the urinary glucose be attributed? Tubular necrosis

Case Study 5
Results of a urinalysis on a patient scheduled for gall bladder surgery are: Color Amber Protein negative Blood negative
Appearance hazy Glucose negative Urobilinogen normal
Sp. Gravity 1.022 Ketones negative Nitrite negative
pH 6.0 Bilirubin moderate Leukocyte negative
1.What would be observed if this specimen was shaken?
Yellow foam in the urine

2.What confirmatory test should be performed on this specimen? Ictotest

3.How would this test differentiate between the presence of bilirubin and medication pigments? This tablet comes with a mat that allows substances other than bilirubin to seep through, in order for the tablet to test only for potential bilirubin. 4.Explain the difference between the patient’s scheduled surgery and the urinalysis results. A blockage in the bile duct would cause the bilirubin not to reach the intestine and thus be excreted by the kidneys, causing an abnormal bilirubin result, but normal urobilinogen result. 5.If blood were drawn from this patient, how might the appearance of...
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