Up in the Air

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English 105
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Living in Isolation
In Jason Reitman’s Up in the Air a traveling businessman, Ryan Bingham, played by George Clooney, uses traveling as his way to escape reality. Bingham avoids all types of human relationships and isolates himself from his world . After getting to know a young uand–oming (connect those words with a -) co-worker at his firm, Natalie, he realizes there is more to life than sky miles, airports, and hotels. Because of this awakening and an epiphany at his sister’s wedding, he decides to pursue a romantic relationship with a woman he thinks he loves yet only to find out she has been deceiving him. Bingham tries to move on with his life and get back in the air, but the final scene portrays him as a sad and empty individual who finally realizes the extent of his self-imposed isolation. redundant The focus of the camera along with quick cuts and varying camera levels in the second scene portray how Bingham has successfully compartmentalized his life, leading to?? now that I think about it, is it, rather, than the compartmentalizing that he learns on his job leads to this in his life? Or just that he his able to compartmentalize and dislocate himself in all aspects of his life – work and love? I think you can hone this thesis more, but for now it’s fine the compartmentalization and dislocation of difficult emotions that result from his job so much so that he no longer knows how to unpack these compartments of his life and enjoy the pieces all put together.. Good, but now add a “so what?” – why does Reitman want to show this? In the second scene of the movie,Bingham once again packs his suitcase in order to travel to another city to perform his job of delivering bad news to clients. In this scene, Bingham quickly packs his bag before heading to the airport and Reitman uses shallow focus to show how Bingham is adjusted to his lifestyle of loneliness. As Bingham packs his suitcase, the audience sees the hotel bed with all his folded clothes in the background yet sees Bingham’s’s head out of focus as he packs clothes into the suitcase. The camera leaves Bingham out of focus and instead hones in on his neatly folded clothes in order to emphasize the idea that Bingham is accustomedto traveling, therefore isolating himself from the world and all other human connections. (Adelaide, just use her suggestion and say…) That is, with the shirts more in focus than the human character, Reitman helps to echo Bingham’s connection is to things rather than to other people. I think you can do more here: the shirts are in focus, not the human, echoing Ryan’s connection not to people but things/travelling By leaving Bingham out of the picture, Reitman suggests to the audience that Bingham’s’s life is in a suitcase. That is, Bingham’s life is simply a series of things he can pack up and place neatly in a suitcase time and time again. He can compartmentalize the components of his life very much like one organizes their belongings for a trip. In doing so, Bingham remains uninvolved in his life and emotionally detached as those perfectly sectioned off and organized belongings in his suitcase never actually get to hang out in the closet with the rest of his belongings or where Bingham never actually allows himself to connect with the communities around him. Ryan isn’t unimportant, but he is a suitcase (good point) – as weird as that sounds. Also, tie back to compartmentalizing: how does this focus communicate this theme? * New paragraph here:Reitmen uses a series of strategies to help emphasize the somber tone of Bingham’s life. For example, the jump cuts and rapid motion of the camera as if it is in the point of view of a charactervague – what is moving? What indicates rapidity? also portrays Bingham’s’s isolation. As the picture jumps from one article of clothing to another, Reitman emphasizes the idea that Bingham has done this packing and preparing to leave many times before. The jump cuts do not...
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