Unit 211 Provide Reception Services

Topics: Receptionist, Visitor, Confidentiality Pages: 2 (917 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Unit 211 Provide Reception Services
The purpose of the receptionist role is to represent the trust and give the patients the first impression of the NHS as they are the first point of contact between the patient and the organization. It is vital to present a positive self-image and a good representation of the trust because we want people to come back and use the services again and give the trust a good name. We can display a positive self-image by being attentive, well dressed, having good body language, a friendly attitude, being helpful and always being polite. The structure and lines of communication in an organization starts with the board of directors, then line managers and heads of departments then the other workers. The structure in an organization affects lines of communication because we need people to take more responsibility of the organization and the line managers need to be in subjection to someone which is what the board of directors is for. Everybody who works for the trust is responsible for security in some way. We should never allow anyone to go through a secure area if they do not have a badge, we should always question who they are and if they do not have a staff badge we should make them use an intercom to pass through secure areas. Receptionists at times can issue visitor badges for people who are staying for a long period of time which will allow all other members of staff to know who they are and that they are there for an intended purpose. As well as security, confidentiality is one of the most important things within the organization. It is vital to build up trust between the organization and the patients, so we would never unnecessarily discuss a patients records or ever leave there confidential information out where anyone would see it. We also use confidential waste bags to get rid of confidential information, and all our pc’s are password protected so only specific users can access them. The purpose of health and safety...
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