Unit 2 Test Medical Law and Bioethics

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1.Question :The purpose of law is to

Student Answer: provide a way of measuring our actions.

punish us when our actions break the law.

provide moral decision-making standards.

a and b.

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2.Question :The study of a branch of philosophy related to morals, moral principles, and moral judgments is called

Student Answer: ethics.


medical practice acts.


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3.Question :An example of utilitarianism might include

Student Answer: an organ for transplant going to the person needing it the most.

providing Medicare for only those who need medical coverage.

a duty to provide healthcare to all Americans.

all of the above.

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4.Question :Empathy requires the ability to

Student Answer: feel sorry for someone else.

feel a sense of commitment to a person.

understand the feelings of another person.

have a distant and unemotional attitude toward the patient

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5.Question :A person with the appropriate education who practices as a doctor of medicine or doctor of osteopathy is called a/n

Student Answer: Allied health professional.



All of the above.

Points Received:3 of 3

6.Question :An employer may prefer a job applicant who holds a certification in their field over someone who is not certified because

Student Answer: That person always has more years of experience

That person is always more competent in their job skills

That person has completed formal education and is dedicated to that career field All of the above

Points Received:0 of 3

7.Question :The purpose of medical professional organizations is to

Student Answer: define the laws of the profession.

punish medical professionals for breaking the law.

set ethical standards for practice within the profession.

determine salaries and benefits for medical professionals.

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8.Question :Employment-at-will allows the

Student Answer: employee to quit at any time.

employer to terminate the employee at any time.

a and b.

none of the above.

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9.Question :OSHA represents the

Student Answer: Occupational Security and Hiring Act.

Operational Safety and Harassment Agency.

Occupational Safety and Health Act.

Organization for Statutes and Health Agency.

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10.Question :The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 protects persons _____ or older against employment discrimination.

Student Answer: 30 years

40 years

50 years

60 years

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11.Question :The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) plays a role in a healthcare setting by

Student Answer: Protecting persons 40 years or older against employment discrimination Requiring employers to make reasonable accommodations for accessibility for patients and employees Developing rules for workplace safety, such as providing protective equipment for those coming into contact with bloodborne pathogens Establishing a minimum wage for employees

Points Received:3 of 3

12.Question :The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 regulates employee benefits such as

Student Answer: minimum wage.

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