Types of Chemical Reactions

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Types of Chemical Reactions|
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In this booklet you will understand the nature of chemical reactions and reaction types.| Omolola Olaleye #10|
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The Nature of Chemical Reactions

Chemical reactions are everywhere! The food you eat and the oxygen you breathe change from during reactions inside your body. When sugar, water, and yeast are mixed into flour to make bread dough, a chemical reaction takes place. Chemical reactions occur when substances go through chemical changes to form new substances. Often, you can tell that a chemical reaction is happening because you are able to see changes, such as the ones in the image above.

Chemical reactions rearrange atoms. In the reactions above, two reactants react to form two products, two water molecules. A reactant is a substance that participates in a chemical reaction. A product is a substance that forms in a chemical reaction. The products and reactants of a chemical reaction contain the same types of atoms. The reaction rearranges the bonds between the atoms. In all chemical reactions, the mass remains the same.

To understand energy and reactions, you must know the following three things: * Energy must be added to break bonds.
* Forming bonds releases energy.
* Energy is conserved in chemical reactions.

Reaction types
* Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions

* Synthesis Reaction
A synthesis reaction is a reaction in which multiple substances combine to form a new compound. Synthesis Reaction| A + B → AB|

In the synthesis reaction below, the metal sodium reacts with chlorine gas to form sodium chloride, or table salt. 2Na + Cl2 → 2NaCl
Because a synthesis reaction joins substances, the product of the reaction is more complex than the reactants.

* Decomposition Reaction
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