Troy Movie Notes

Topics: Iliad, Trojan War, Achilles Pages: 6 (2011 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Troy= the movie(post classical depiction)
* Troy is the most powerful alliance against the Greeks
* Agamemnon wants ‘the world’ all the land
* Achilles has disappeared from the army. A boy goes to find him, * Achilles mother is goddess as can’t be killed (Contemp) * Nester persueds Achilles to fight the big guy because of Time. He can’t stand to lose his pride * Achilles, son of Paris

* Achilles kills the big guy with one stab
* There is a huge feast , thrown by Agamemnon and Helen, to drink to peace, between troy and Sparta * Helen and Paris are lovers behind Menelaus’s back. Hektor goes to see what they are doing. * Helen is afraid to wear the necklace because she is afraid that she will be caught and Paris will be killed or shipped away. Before she met him, she was a ghost. * Agamemnon commands all the Greek forces to fight.

* Hektor warns paris not to endanger Troy
* Paris kidnapped Helen. Hektor is upset. He talks about his father’s love (Paris and Helen were already in love with each other, the Gods didn’t give Helen to Paris) * Menelaus wants to kill Helen. “The Trojans spat in my eye” * He asks Agamemnon to go to war with him. He said yes.

* Menelaus is very angry and calls to sail after the Trojans * “If troy falls, I control everything”- Agamemnon. They need Achilles * Nestor said that “you don’t need to control him, you need to release him.” About Achilles * Achilles is like a secret weapon to the Trojans

* Odysseus is in Greece. Agamemnon needs to ask him something. There is a difference to the PCD about how Odysseus is involved in the war * Achilles and Patrokolas are cousins
* Achilles doesn’t want to fight for Agamemnon. Odysseus wants him to fight for Greece * Achilles talks to his mother. She thinks that he should fight. She wants his name to become TIME and KLEOS, if he fights “Your glory walks hand in hand with your doom” * He travels to Troy with the Greeks

* Paris and Helen get married in Troy. Hektor and Paris are greeted by their father, Priam in Troy * Hektors wife is Andromache
* Briseis is Paris and Hektors cousin
* Hektor doesn’t want to see his country fall because of his brother’s selfishness. * Priam has worked 30 years for peace and he will still fight many wars if it means that Paris can be happy. * “Everything is in the will and hands of the Gods” Priam * Helen- “Sparta was never my home”

* Priam prays to the Gods
* Hektor cares a lot about family. Everyone is preparing for war- the Trojans. Everyone gives offerings to the Gods * Hektor is incharge of the army
* “honor the gods, love your woman and fight for your country” Hektor * . you know what is beyond that beach. Immortality, take its yours,” Achilles * Give him too many battles and the men will forget who is king.”- Agamemnon * They retreat back to the city and Achilles orders everyone to steal from the Trojans temple * He cuts off the head of the statue of Apollo at the Trojans temple. * Achilles sneaks inside the temple, and the Trojans follow him but they get ambushed. Their temple is destroyed * Achilles fights for him honor, hector fights for his country. “Why kill you now, prince of Troy when there is no one here to see you fall”- Achilles. He wants people to see it because killing a prince will give him great honor, fame and Time and Kleos * You speak of war as if it is a games, but how many wives for you think will be pained with the loss of their men”- hector * Agamemnon is worried that the thought of power will get to Achilles head and everyone will forget that he is their leader * They kidnap Brisis and give him to Achilles

* I want what all men want, i just want more” Achilles
* Everyone is presenting gifts to Agamemnon even though he didn’t fight. * Young men dying and old men talking. You know to keep out of the politics”-Odysseus * You came here because you...
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