Transmission Dissection

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ME112 Transmission Dissection Procedure

Remove the bolts from the top Here’s what you will see. Locate Using the punch, pound out the (Optional): Pound out the pin and cover of the transmission (they arethe selector pin and its collar.cotter pin in the collar. If it fallsremove the bar that prevents more only hand tightened).in the transmission, don’t worry.than one shift fork being selected.

Unscrew the shift lever (if attached)If the shaft seems stuck, remove Now remove the two shift forks.Unbolt the rear housing. and pull the shaft out the rear side the hex bolt and pull out the small of the transmission. spring and bullet used as a detent.

ME112 Transmission Dissection Procedure

Rotate the housing to expose shaft.Carefully pound out the shaft.Rotate the transmission upright Remove the cover to the input
again and remove output shaft.shaft.

Remove the input shaft (you mayNow remove the countershaft.The countershaft originally hadYour complete disassembly. need to wiggle it as you pull it out).needle bearings and a thrust washer

(these have been removed).

To reassemble, put the countershaft back in the transmission, reattach the input and output shafts and then replace the shaft on which the countershaft spins. If the input and output shaft are in place and you turn the transmission upside down, the countershaft should fall into place and the shaft should go in easily.
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