Transforming the West

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Transforming the West
-West is the supplier and place where all the raw material comes from -Main supplier of the East

Transcontinental Railroad
-Completed in the 1870’s, over 2 mountain ranges 1 company owned primarily by people who made money as storekeepers -Government Project, but owned privately
-Land grant railroads
-Opened up the west, tied California and the East together
Indian Affairs
-Government took on Indian policy that wanted to get them out of the way Western Mining
The Cattle Kingdom
The Myth of the cowboy in America Life

Gen. Philip Sheridan
-In charge of getting the Indians out of the territory
-In charge of stealing land, bringing in disease, and ruining their habits of life -They believed that anyone besides white were a lesser being, so white Protestants were justified in treating others to conform to their wishes and make them leave

Sand Creek Massacre: Indian Rivalry
-Chief that met with president
-Camp in Colorado, but the governor in the state went on the belief that they did not want any Indians -Most of the Indian men were off hunting, so they came back to find that the rest of their family had been murdered -Good example towards white men towards the Native Americans

Wounded Knee Massacre: Of Native Americans
-Against a sue village
-The U.S army went out and surrounded the village, massacred everyone within it

-Many buffalo were killed in order to starve the Native Americans (activity of the government) -Used to feed the men in the army
(1870-80’s these two massacres began and ended Indian rivalry) -Native Americans were left to be moved onto reservations
-Soon after, the white’s wanted the Native Americans to become just like them

Dawes Act: Way to force Native Americans to become farmers
-Others owned most reservations; Native Americans did not have property over land -Congress passed this act in order to say that reservation Indians cannot be held by the tribe, land will be dealt out to individual Indian families that allowed them to grow their own crops and become self reliant -Effort to force Indians on reservations to become farmers, but did not work -White land speculators try and buy land from the Native Americans, yet the Native Americans do not realize they are giving up their property (white’s buy off land, and sell to other whites in order to get more money)

Mining Town, Center City Company
-Someone strikes oil, and many people go to the town to help establish stability -Minors soon come to realize that what they are mining is deep under ground, and they need more than what is above ground -Corporations who have money for this progression, get paid to work in the mines -Soon gold and silver is being discovered, yet it is on the Su Indian reservations

Panning for Gold: Utah Gold prospecting 1894
-Corporations come in to buy them out in order to find more products beneath the surface -GEM DANCE HALL, DEADWOOD 1878: served to the minors

The Cowboy
-Wild Bill Hickok: One of the most famous frontier Martials, scout against the Indians for the army. Well-known westerner of the period. Cattle Kingdom: after the civil war, southerners had lost everything in the war and went west looking for a living, then ended up in Texas -The cowboy was primarily a hired cattle hoarder that got paid on a wage -Cattle drives begin; except for the cowboy do not have an open path to Sadella -The cowboys were typically Spanish (Mexican) Ranching ideas were adopted from the Mexicans (Caballero or Vaquero)

-The whites in the 1880’s adopt the ranching methods from the Spanish

Texas Round Up: Trail Drive
-Cowboys would go out and round up as many cattle as they could -Once a year, brand them, select the ones they want to take to the market and leave the rest to go on their own -The cowboys drive the cattle of the trail to the nearest railroad -The early chuck wagon held belongings and gave for a place to...
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