The United States of America: An Ideal Place to Live and Work

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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American society has always been a matter of reflection for a vast amount of people all over the world. People tend to consider the United States of America as an ideal place to live and work. According to some the country is unbeatable because of the government, the policy that authorities lead while some consider the people of America, and its society is a key to the invincible state. The discussions about the pros and cons of the country could be led hours and hours. The main purpose of the given essay is to analyze and discuss the conflicts or divisions within American society with the help of literary texts from the American literature. There are writings of the past times authors as well as the modern texts excerpts. The paper will focus on issues in these texts that were considered as the factors of the division and dissidences in the American society. The main texts I would like to ponder over are: Frederick Douglass’ Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave and Dave Eggers’ Zeitoun. If the observation of the social history of the United States of America is being done it is obvious to find out that that the American society has never actually been entire. Back in history it was commonly divided into master and slaves, sooner into colored and white, still existing in an implicit way in some states and finally after the 9/11 attacks the new group of people considered as marginal began to appear, the ones, especially Muslims who may cause threat to the society, suspiciously regarded as “terrorists”. This “division” of people is not obvious but still exists in the society nowadays. In order to discuss the division of society in the past let us have a look at the writing by a well-known American author Frederick Douglass. The works by this author belong to slave narrative genre. The main characteristics of the genre are: often first-person narratives (in order to prove the authenticity of the text, the...
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