The Treatment of Children in Areas of Armed Conflict

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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FORUM: General Assembly, Human Rights
QUESTION OF: The Treatment of children in areas of armed conflict SUBMITTED BY: Mexico

The General Assembly,

Deeply Disturbed by the recent number of massacres of citizens including children in Syria since the anti-regime uprising in March 2011,

Noting with Deep Concern that the Syrian government has repeatedly and regularly violated its ceasefire conditions, which is causing escalating tension and possibly leading to civil war,

Referring to Article 4 of the UN's Convention on the Rights of the Child, there lies a responsibility within every government to impose the measures necessary to ensure that all children's rights are fulfilled and protected,

Acknowledging the UN's recent efforts in efficiently carrying out punishments on persistent violators of children's rights to ensure that they are stopped and that these children receive the justice they deserve, as in the case of the trial of former Liberian President Charles Taylor,

Confident that the only possibility for violent forces to be stopped is to demobilize them by removing their weapons and placing leaders of these forces in detainment,

Alarmed by the large numbers of children that remain incarcerated in Israel, South Africa, Tanzania and the United States of America,

Bearing in mind that there is no 'lost generation', and the fact that many child soldiers were pressurized under horrifying conditions as children,

Deeply concerned by governments that continue to use, produce and stockpile cluster munitions, which target civilians and are a direct threat to the lives of children.

1. Requests the Syrian government to abide by the ceasefire conditions and to accelerate its implementation of its peace plan;

2. Calls upon NGOs and governments to jointly send immediate relief to Syria and establish child-friendly spaces (CFS) to protect and ensure the rights of children;

3. Encourages governments and NGOs to continue establishing...
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