The Sirens from the Odyssey

Topics: Homer, Trojan War, Greek mythology Pages: 2 (402 words) Published: September 24, 2012
Sirens: What happens?
Sirens (beaut nymphs naked on an island; seduce men with their voices) are singing to odysseus with bones Men try and reach them and crash on their shore

Odysseus wants to hear the songs and asks to be tied to mast and the men fill their ears with wax.
Odysseus wants to experience everything beautiful but to not be destroyed by it
Singing about Odysseus and how great he is:
The Trojan war and the greatness of him and Achilles
Singer who glorifies the Trojan War?
Homer is the singer of the sirens*
Power and Nature of poetry?
The poet glorifies war and glory and seduces men to the idea of it, but in reality they are just skeletons. They're seduced to their deaths. Odysseus and his relation to Poetry?
When he hears the music he wants to go to them; but he had prepared not to. So it’s a struggle within him, reason tells him to stay alive and be concscious because he knows how powerful poetry is so he must avoid it. HE has a desire for preservation and he knows life is good and wants to stay alive. He has power of reason and beauty. Can't be seduced even though he knows how beatiful and attractive they are.

Some people are never seduced by beauty or glory, and it takes a certain kind of man to be able to appreciate the beauty of poetry and tempation of glory to not give into those things. Achilles gave in and died in battle.

Odysseus can say he has heard the music of the sirens but he never gave in.
He has faced adversity and has furthered his self knowledge. He is constantly testing himself by giving himself these tasks and overcoming them.

i.E. heading into hades and facing death.
Circes wasn't able to seduce Odysseus

A bit of homer in the story as well:
The story is filled with beauty, is Homer seduced by the beauty that he speaks of?
To what extent does poetry and beauty hide from man the fundamental ugliness of nature?
In the end you just end of a...
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