The Prestige - Plot Segmentation

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Plot Segmentation: The Prestige
C. Credit title.
1. The Pledge.
a. Borden’s workshop.
i. Mr. Cutter picks up a bird and shows Jess.
b. The Great Danton.
i. The theater curtain rises revealing a massive electrical machine on stage with Angier. ii. Borden and other members of the audience inspect the machine. iii. Borden goes backstage.
iv. Angier takes off his jacket in preparation for the trick. v. Borden runs downstairs below the stage and sees a blind man sitting guard. 2. The Turn.
a. Borden’s workshop.
i. Mr. Cutter puts the bird in a cage.
b. The Great Danton.
i. Angier turns to face the machine.
ii. Borden sees a water tank below the center of the stage.
c. Borden’s workshop.
i. Mr. Cutter covers the bird cage with a cloth.
d. The Great Danton.
i. Angier walks into the machine as it shoots bolts of electricity at him.
e. Borden’s workshop.
i. Mr. Cutter crushes the cage with his hand.
f. The Great Danton.
i. Angier stands in the center of the machine as several bolts of electricity strike him.
g. Borden’s workshop.
i. Jess watches, waiting for the prestige.
h. The Great Danton.
i. Borden watches as Angier falls through the trap door, into the water tank that locks behind him.
i. Borden’s workshop.
i. Mr. Cutter pulls the cloth away to show that both the bird and the cage have vanished. ii. Jess continues to watch, waiting for the prestige.
j. The Great Danton.
i. The audience looks around waiting for the prestige.
3. The Prestige.
a. Borden’s workshop.
i. Mr. Cutter brings up his other hand holding the bird.
ii. Jess smiles and claps as the bird flies out of Mr. Cutter’s hand.
b. The Great Danton.
i. The audience still waits, looking all around for the prestige. ii. Borden walks up to the water tank and Angier starts to bang on the glass, screaming for help. 4. Courtroom.
a. Mr. Cutter is questioned about the trick and what happened that night. b. Mr. Cutter explains his own role in the show to the jury. c. Mr. Cutter accuses Borden of putting the tank under the stage and watching Angier die, but the jury questions the likelihood of Borden moving the large and heavy tank himself. d. Mr. Cutter refuses to reveal how the trick was supposed to happen. e. Jess waves to Borden, her father, and he waves back before she leaves with Fallon. 5. Jail.

a. Owens, a solicitor, walks through the gate and into the jail, escorted by a guard who goes through Owens’ briefcase and pockets. b. The guard explains that the warden thinks that Borden is trying to escape. c. Borden is brought to see Owens.

d. Owens explains to Borden that he is a solicitor working for Lord Coldlow, who wants to buy Borden’s tricks, especially the transported man trick. e. Owens hands Borden Angiers journal.
f. Borden walks back to his cell and starts to read Angier journal. 6. Borden reading Angier’s journal.
a. Colorado.
i. Angier is on a train, trying to read Borden’s journal but cannot translate it. ii. Angier arrives in Colorado Springs and notices that the whole town has electricity before getting in a coach. iii. Angier arrives at the hotel greeted by the whole staff, for he is the first guest of the season, and checks himself in indefinitely. iv. Angier asks to have a coach ready to take him up the mountain the next morning to visit Tesla. v. Angier arrives at Tesla’s lab the next morning and walks up to the gate, which he soon finds is an electric gate when he touches it and is shocked. vi. Tesla’s apprentice, Alley, greets him with a gun before recognizing him as The Great Danton. vii. Alley opens the gate and shakes Angier’s hand.

viii. Angier asks to make an appointment with Tesla and offers money, but Alley refuses and closes the gate. ix. Angier tells Alley that he will be staying at the hotel indefinitely and walks away. x. Alley asks Angier to guess what he is holding; Angier guesses his watch, and...
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