The Impact of the Industrial Revolution on Literature - Essay

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  • Published : September 21, 2012
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The impact of the Industrial Revolution on literature

The impact of the Industrial Revolution on literature was major. It was a major change on the literature, but also in agriculture, manufacturing, mining, and transport. Great Britain's Industrial Revolution began during the mid-18th century and lasted until the turn of the 20th century. The Industrial Revolution in England was characterized by the replacement of manual labor by machines, the emergence of large-scale manufacturing, the modernization of cities, and the social impact of these changes. The Industrial Revolution changed the look of cities across Great Britain--in England, Ireland, and Scotland. The Industrial Revolution was a positive era to have occurred in Britain. In the beginning, however, the Industrial Revolution appeared to bring no benefits at all to the country. Living conditions in cities became unsanitary, as well as cramped and impoverished. Factories subjected men, women, and even children workers to low wages, harsh punishments, and unprotected work around dangerous machinery. The tremendous use of coal in industrial production polluted the atmosphere, as well as people's lungs, and workers' conditions in the coal mines were not much better than in factories. Food was expensive for poor factory workers, and thus they could afford only to eat rancid meats, fatty fried foods, and stale bread, which contributed to the extreme malnutrition and sickness in the cities. In Hardtimes the conditions weren't always the greatest but there were major changes which was a big help during that time period. Positive aspects of the Industrial RevolutionIn technology, steam power must have been the biggest advancement in its field. Coal and petroleum were ideas used for the power of the steam engines. Another aspect of this revolution and this aspect is felt to the present day. New methods were used to make surgeries safer, less painful, and keep germs from spreading inside the body in which surgery...
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