The History of American Presidency

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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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Washington’s Presidency- unanimously voted first president, took office April 30, 1789, Constitution and system of Checks and Balances in effect, congress head of legislative branch, president head of executive and Supreme Court top of judicial branch Hamilton’s Financial Problem- government unstable finances, Alexander Hamilton (secretary of treasury) proposed 1) pay off national debt and have federal govern. assume war debts of states 2) protect new industries and higher taxes on imports 3) create national bank Opponents of this were anti-federalists- thought states would lose power to the central govern. Jefferson thought only benefitted rich. The French Revolution- generally was supported by Americans, alliance with French, however not the French Revolutionary Efforts, argued that because Britain was taking American ships bound for France, they should join war. Proclamation of Neutrality (1793) - issued by Washington that America too weak to join war, Jefferson disagreed and resigned from cabinet. Jay Treaty- John Jay tried to talk Britain out of searching American Merchant ships, agreed to leave U.S. Western frontier but not to stop taking ships, this angered Americans but kept their neutrality. Pinckney Treaty (1795)- Spain negotiated treaty and agreed to open Mississippi River and New Orleans to American trade Domestic Concerns-

Native Americans- Americans continued to settle as far west as the Ohio Valley and beyond, angered Indians posing treat of existence, British suppling them with arms and encouraged them to attack Americans, Battle of Timber Falls, Americans defeated Indians, Treaty of Greenville, Indians surrender claims in Ohio Territory Wisky Rebellion (1794)- farmers refused to pay taxes, Washington sent troops under Hamilton to show force, farmers backed down however, Jefferson gain popularity in farmers Washington Reelected (1789)

Differences between Anti and Federalist Parties-
Federalists: John Adams, Alexander Hamilton,...
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