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“He believed he was being persecuted wherever he went, despite his best efforts to win people and God to his side” Miller about Parris and how he doesn’t belong to the community but belongs to religion pg13

“To the European world the whole province was a barbaric frontier inhabited by a sect of fanatics” Belonging to a place – Miller says this about Salem

“Their creed forbade anything resembling a theatre or ‘vain enjoyment’.” Miller says what belonging to a community/group can lead people to feel/do 14

“A holiday from work meant only that they must concentrate even more upon prayer” Miller tells us about what THEOCRATIC society required
“This predilection for minding other people’s business was time-honoured among the people of Salem” Miller explains what it meant when people belonged to a community 14

“The edge of the wilderness was close by…and it was full of mystery for them.” Miller states that belonging to such a wild place may be reason for the witch hunts 14

“…the Salem folk believed that the virgin forest was the Devil’s last preserve, his home base and the citadel of his final stand”. This again shows that Miller believes that the location played a role in their beliefs. Highlights also their strong beliefs in religion and how theocracy ruled their society. 15

“…their church found it necessary to deny any other sect its freedom” Miller highlights that you either belonged with their church or didn’t belong at all. 15

“…the people of Salem developed a theocracy, a combine of state and religious power whose function was to keep the community together” Miller informs us, in the introduction, that Salem was theocratic and their intentions in it 16

“…the people of Salem…[wanted] to prevent any kind of disunity that might open it to destruction by material or ideological enemies” This is, as Miller points out, the purpose of their theocratic society, but also gives reasons for what happened when people didn’t belong. 16

“when one rises above the individual villainy displayed, one can only pity them all, just as we shall be pitied one day” This is a clear link that Miller makes between the witch hunts of Salem and the communist witch hunts in mid century America 16

“a sense of confusion hangs about him”
Stage directions that paint Parris as someone who doesn’t belong, from the very beginning 17

“trouble in this house usually lands on her back”
Stage directions of act one tell us that Tituba, a slave from Barbados, does not belong in this community because she is different. 17

“Go directly home and speak nothing of unnatural causes” Parris says this to Susanna, highlighting his fear of being accused of not protecting their community, thereby not belonging to the community. 18

“Uncle, the rumour of witchcraft is all about; I think you best go down and deny it yourself” Abigail pleads with Parris to make amends. This also shows that she has great power, or at least thinks she does. Parris, terrified of not being accepted in his relatively new community decides against it. 18

“And what shall I say to them? That my daughter and my niece I discovered dancing like heathen in the forest?” Parris highlights his fear of not being accepted but also the fact that his own family are shunning accepted protocol, thereby not belonging. 19

“But if you trafficked with spirits in the forest I must know it, for surely my enemies will, and they will ruin be with it.” Parris is once again worried about never being accepted.

“There is a faction that is sworn to drive me from my pulpit” Parris is clear that he feels an outsider in his own community. The community he should effectively be head of seeing as it is theocratic and he is a reverend. 19

“I saw Tituba waving her arms over the fire when I came on you. Why was she doing that?” Parris questions the power Tituba has to change the girls because she isn’t trusted and is an outsider. 19

“She were swaying like a dumb beast over that...
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