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Syllabus for Advanced Research Writing (1302WRTG391C802)

1/14/13 4:44 PM

Syllabus for Advanced Research Writing (1302WRTG391C802)
(Left-click in this frame and then select File - Print Frame to print this page Course Description (Fulfills the general education requirement in upper-level advanced writing.) Prerequisite: WRTG 101 or WRTG 101S. Instruction and practice in academic research skills. The objective is to critically analyze scholarly sources and effectively integrate source material into a complex argument. Assignments include prewriting exercises, a critique, a critical annotated bibliography, a literature review, and a statement of proposed research. Students may receive credit for only one of the following courses: ENGL 391, ENGL 391X, WRTG 391, or WRTG 391X. Course Introduction This course challenges you to refine writing skills that may have been introduced in earlier courses. In working through essay assignments, lectures, in-class activities, and research projects, you will learn about rhetorical strategies that will help you when completing advanced writing in your major, in graduate coursework, and in other situations in which analysis and research are required. The course emphasizes effective research and use of materials such as scholarly books, journal articles, and government statistics. The course covers the following four topics: 1. 2. 3. 4. Demonstrating Mastery of a Subject Developing and Justifying Ideas Encouraging Action Explaining and Evaluating Solutions.

Course Goals/Objectives After completing this course, you should be able to: 1. locate, organize, and evaluate diverse sources in order to critique current research and determine gaps in a research problem 2. apply the writing and research process to critically analyze scholarship in a field of study 3. integrate appropriate sources to construct unified, coherent, and well-supported paragraphs within complex arguments 4. demonstrate accurate grammar mechanics and documentation style in writing

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Syllabus for Advanced Research Writing (1302WRTG391C802)

1/14/13 4:44 PM

Title: Writer's Help Access Code (online activation code) Author: Hacker Publisher: Bedford / St. Martin's ISBN: 9780312591557 Comment: We recommend that you refrain from purchasing this code until you have verified that your course will not be canceled, as refunds cannot be issued. Please note: You must have your instructor's e-mail address when registering and cannot change to another instructor. For textbooks, visit the webText nearest your location: webText Asia webText Europe Other Course Requirements Online access to the e-textbook Writer's Help Web access (TDY included) Microsoft Word (or the ability to save files in RTF or MS Word format) Completed registration with the UMUC library/databases online

Grading Information Grade Percentages: Critique Draft 5% Final Critique 15% Annotated Bibliography 20% Literature Review 30% Exercises, Quizzes, Peer Review, and Participation 10% Authentic Assessment 20% Grading Policies All due dates/deadlines are USA ET. That's the same time zone as the main UMUC Adelphi campus in Maryland. Because Distance Education makes access to the course available 24/7 from almost any location around the world, submitting assignments late is hardly ever necessary. Treat your academic work with the same respect and sense of responsibility you treat your job. Genuine emergencies will, of course, be treated with understanding. IMPORTANT: All assignments are due by midnight (USA ET time zone) on the Sunday of the week indicated in the Course Schedule. Any assignment submitted after the due date and without my prior approval will be docked a full letter grade. Further deductions or a grade of zero may result depending on the degree of tardiness. To avoid...
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