Susan B. Anthony: Women's Right to Vote

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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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Title of Speech/ Business| Summary/ Description| Ethos| Logos| Pathos| Rhetorical Devices| Audience/ Purpose/ Effectiveness| Speech #1Susan B. Anthony: After Being Convicted of Voting| Susan B. Anthony stands up for her gender and fights for women’s right to vote.| Susan B. Anthony is the speaker; her reputation is being set by this speech. This speech could either ruin her chances at a great reputation, or transform her into a hero (which it did).| She uses logical points when she states the Preamble of the Constitution. She explains that the United States is not following the “blessings of liberty” by limiting voting to males. At the end, she asks “Are women persons?” Here, she is bringing up the point that women have equal rights compared to males, and those rights should not be discriminated against in any situation.| Susan appeals to emotion when she says “…this government is… a hateful oligarchy of sex…” and also when she suggests that discriminating against women is equal to segregation with the Negroes.| Repetition: “it was we; not we as men; we as citizens; we…”Polysyndeton: “…but this oligarchy… and… where… which… and… but…” (etc.)| Audience: US government and numerous US citizensPurpose: To convince the government that women should have the right to vote, along with men.Effectiveness: Yes, it was effective. Women now have the right to vote.| Speech #2Margaret Sanger: Morality of Birth Control| Margaret Sanger stands with the birth control movement group and works to persuade their opponents that birth control should be made available to all adult men and women.| Margaret Sanger is the speaker and her reputation is set as a social activist of men and women’s rights everywhere.| Logos are used in her speech when she brings up the questions of the morality of birth control. She is also logical as she sets up her plans in the last paragraph. Their “…first step is to (change the law) so that birth control can be used.”| She appeals to...
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