Summary of Exterminate All the Brutes

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Summary of Exterminate All the BrutesSummary of the second chapter:There are many things happened in the second chapter. I’m going to list three most relative and important things in this chapter.The first one is about the main character Kurtz in Conrad's book, ‘the Heart of Darkness’. Kurtz resembles Stanley, who exterminates the brutes and became the idol. Just like other dictators, both have guns, which mean power, and they want to establish a new imperialism/colonialism. People in the ‘great human’s’ countries are very innocent, and they just believe what the dictators tell them the event it’s fake. Then the dictators get more and more supporters, and their ideas of establishing imperialism inflate. (P43) The second one is that the improvements of guns. The guns get lots of improvements in 19th century. At the generation of guns, their range was only a hundred yards. And it took at least one minute to load the gun between each shot. But at the end of 19th century, it came out real good guns such as Gras rifle, and the Prussians with the Mauser. Those guns are called arms to the imperialism/colonialism. The most common thing to the imperialism/colonialism is that all of them got the arms and try to make it harder than anyone else. And whether they own the arm is also the difference between imperialism/colonialism. (P47-P50)The last material is about the Battle of Omdurman. All the imperialisms/colonialisms don’t respect the ‘brutes’ because they think they’re brutes. But ‘brutes’ need respects, although they can be conquered and surrenders. Just like Somabulano said in his speech at the peace negotiations :”You came, you conquered…But the Children of Stars can never be dogs .”(P62) Then, it caused the conflict, and they will have a final battle just like the Battle of Omdurman. Although the ‘brutes’ can’t even get close and hurt the ‘great man,’ they’ll still fight back because they know ‘You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself...
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