Summary British Culture Chapter 1 and 3

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  • Published : January 23, 2013
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2 Islands
* Great Britain
* Ireland

2 states
* Republic of Ireland (Eire) (most of island Ireland)
* The United Kingdom (Great Britain GBP) (the rest)

Used to be called British Isles => time of Ireland being politically dominated => no use Used are IONA, The Isles, North-East Atlantic Archipelago => non widely respected Most used Great Britain and Ireland => not correct

* Geographically => ignores small islands
* Politically => 2 parts with own policy (Channel Islands and Isles of Man) 1800 all one state => 1922 Ireland own state
Ireland wales and Scotland => Celtic
Other => Germanic
Today blurred but still there => own teams in sport events

Albion: refers to a whole
Britannia: romans gave this name to southern British province Briton: citizen of UK
Caledonia/Cambria/Hibernia: Roman names for Scotland, Wales and Ireland Erin: poetic name Ireland
John Bull: fictional character that personifies Englishness
Surnames: Mac or MC (Scot or Ire) O (Irish) Evans, Jones, Price (Welsh) Smith (Eng and Sc) First Names: John= Ian= Sean. Scottish = Jock, Ire = Paddy or Mick and Welsh = Dai or Taffy

| England| Wales| Scotland| Ireland|
Flag| St George Cross| Dragon of Cadwallader| St Andrew Cross| St Patrick Cross| Plant| Rose| Leek/daffodil| Thistle| Shamrock|
Colour| White| red| blue| Green|
Saint| St George| St David| St Andrew| St Patrick|
Saint’s day| 23 April| 1 March| 30 November| 17 March|

Dominance of England
History: Political system, main language, aspects of everyday life Political unification => England overpowered 3 others
Today: Bank of England controls money, Name of present Monarch (Elizabeth II), use of term Anglo England is the norm and other 3 are special cases.
When something refers to England => never specified but other 3 are. Also people from England say they are English instead of Britain. 9/10 are white British
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