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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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RMIT International University Vietnam| Format – Final Report (50%)| Business Commerce Department| Assignment 3|
BUSM3311 International Business| Max. word count: 2500 words(excl cover page, reference list, appendices)| Updated 2012-2| |
Due: Due Monday of week 10 by 5pm|

Format Ideas – Final Report


Using International Business concepts, empirical evidence, analytical tools and a broad understanding of international institutional environments, write a report answering either of the following tasks:

Take an existing Vietnamese MNE and analyse and construct the next steps for their internationalisation strategy. Provide justification for your recommended strategy.


Take a Vietnamese company that has the potential to become an MNE, identify opportunities in a foreign country or region and provide a viable entry mode strategy. Provide justification for your recommended strategy.

Your Report can include any sections that you like. Below are suggestions/ideas:

1. Product or Service – Describe the product or service or product mix (if more than one product) 2. Intended Market Environment(s)/Industry characteristics – Who is the target market? (What segment are you aiming for?) Demographics? How will end-users or customers benefit? How big is the market opportunity? How big is the share of the market that you are aiming for? Why? 3. Competition – Who are the direct and indirect competitors (as it pertains to target market). For key competitors, look at market share, resources, product and market focus, goals, strategies, strengths and weaknesses. What is so unique about the company’s products/services compared to the competition? How will competitors react to your proposed strategies? Key barriers to entry 4. Business Model – Describe how the company will earn revenue in this market – licensing, joint venture, wholly owned subsidiary, strategic alliance....
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