Strategic Management and Public Policy Study Guide

Topics: Strategic management, Management, Decision theory Pages: 15 (4229 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Strategic Management and Public Policy: Course Description 2012/2013 _____________________________________________________________________ International Leisure Sciences YEAR-2 COURSE: Strategic Management nd

and Public Policy

2 semester (Terms C + D) Academic Year: 2012/2013 Contact person: Gbenga Agbona

Lecturers: Marco Bevolo, Senior Lecturer, NHTV, and PhD Candidate, UvT Pof. Greg Richards, PhD, UvT (guest); Gbenga Agbona, University of Applied Sciences, Breda Guido Aerts, MSc, Programme Manager VTM / contributing lecturer Arend Hardhorff, MSc, Member of the City Council, City of Breda (guest)

INTRODUCTION This 2013 revised Manual represents your first encounter with the course in Strategic Management and Public Policy that I designed on invitation of NHTV Academy for Leisure, ILS. The key issue of “strategic decision making” in our contemporary reality will be discussed at different levels and from different angles, from public policy formation to the strategic design applications that substantiate it. In order to do so, you will perform both a theoretical and applicative journey across various modalities, organizational bodies and compared processes of “strategic decision making”, and the context thereof. The art of evaluating, anticipating and ultimately taking a specific managerial / administrative direction will be dissected from the viewpoint of corporate business, of public institutions and of the multiple stakeholders actively or passively influencing the decisions that determine leisure management directions in the urban context. The subtle nature of strategic decision-making will inevitably lead to the presentation, discussion and analysis of networks, both in terms of their research creation and management as well as in terms of concrete partnerships and alliances, when applicable. In a way, this course will take you in the very “kitchen lab” of corporate and public management around leisure, ideally in prospect continuity with your next 3ILS “Leisure and Urban Processes” course. Also, possible links to Imagineering in theoretical terms and to Research Methods are part of the landscape of this course. The educational approach of this course reflects the “theory / insight / application” principle that lies at the very heart of the International Leisure Sciences program and of NHTV as a WO academic institution. The program of lectures will therefore address theory through the eyes of the most recent bibliography, with the contribution of highly qualified guest lecturers from University of Tilburg and the NHTV International Leisure Management department, the municipality of Breda and a leading global corporation. At the end of your second 2ILS semester, you will look upon the world of corporations, public offices and strategic design with a new depth: the challenges of leisure management will appear to you in their complexity, yet your navigation through the topics of Strategic Management and Public Policy will be competent, solid and sophisticated. Welcome to the journey.


Strategic Management and Public Policy: Course Description 2012/2013 _____________________________________________________________________


Learning Goals

After the course students will, among others, be able of: • explaining the strategic decision process and the context within corporate strategy and strategic design at proficient level, public policy at general level

II) Basic Abilities To Be Developed (0) – General      1) To be able to explain the context of strategic decision making and a number of corporate related processes, with a comparable view on the public sector (policy) 2) To be able to understand and explain the complexities and contradictions of strategic decision making in a critical way as based on informed opinions and reflections derived from literature 3) To be able to translate strategic decision making principles into applicative reflections 4) To be able to...
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