Stop Blaming the Victims!

Topics: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Question Pages: 1 (493 words) Published: April 8, 2013
We’ve read this article in class and it was about several things that could be done to put an end to rape culture. I didn’t know rape was a culture, I thought it was a taboo. As the article “Ten Things to End Rape Culture” by The Nation said, the victim of rape shouldn’t be criticized on what she was wearing, saying or doing at the time of rape. As the article stated “The right question is, “What made him think this is acceptable?” ” We should be concerned as to why that person thought it was ok to rape the other person; what made it acceptable for him to think that his actions were already excused and would be accepted by society. The problem is not whether the victim was sober or not, nor clothes, nor sexuality. The problem is the perpetrator’s state of mind, what he has received in his lifetime about rape, about woman, and about being a man. Maybe he has been “screwed” over by his parents and got messed up in the head and his points of view about rape and woman are all over the map. I personally know someone who has been a victim of rape. She was a junior in high school when the incident happened. She was on her way home late night from a track meet; she was carrying with her, her school book bag and her sports bag. The street she walked on was very well lit by the street lamps and the houses’ lights were turned on with a couple of them you could see the people watching TV. She was taken by surprised and then it happened. She was wearing sweatpants, a long sleeve shirt and a sweatshirt. How was she “asking” to be raped, how has she provoked that man. When a case of sexual assault is reported in the news, the first questions the media utter are about the victim’s clothes and sobriety when they should be asking why it is the assaulter thinks it was ok to rape the victim. They never seem to deliver the right message nor ask the right questions. So we ask ourselves, how can we put an end to rape culture. It could have been a tad bit easier if only the media would...
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