Steinway Case Prep

Topics: Piano, Steinway & Sons, Bösendorfer Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Steinway & Sons Case Preparation
Nur Izzati Idris
1) Q: Is the new process an improvement?
Yes. Improved out of specification holes from 16 to 2
Q: Is the machine capable of producing high quality products? No because the quantity of defects depends on the process, data of both processes given uses the same machine but for the first process the machine still produces defects of 16%. Also no data of manual process was given so we cannot compare if this machine is better or the old way is better. 2) Q:What accounts for Steinway’s reputation as a manufacturer of high quality products: * Shaping operations that were manually performed in a dozen steps & often reworked to achieve the quality joints Steinway required * Recognition: Gold medal from the American Institute Exhibition, Grand Gold Medal of Honor for excellence in engineering and manufacturing at the Paris Exhibition * Testimonials of famous pianist and wealthy patrons who use their products * The company’s 120 patents became the eventual standard for piano manufacture * Reputation among their suppliers: for wood suppliers labeled Steinway as their toughest customer. 50% of the wood purchased would end up in the scrap bin. * Quality handcraftsmanship and innovative techniques were part of the tradition * Time-honored techniques and top of the line material were the chief ingredients of their production process Q: What tactical differences so you see between Steinways strategy compared to Yamaha in their pursuit of high quality? Steinway| Yamaha|

* The company only focused on their core competency which is piano manufacture. * Vertical integration was done too, but only with companies that manufacturer piano parts ( Kluge- piano keys & OS Kelly –piano plates) * Every piano is made the same way, from the same material and by the same workers, but the end products never comes out the same. * Number of factories: only 2 for Steinway (Long Island City). Easier to...
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