Sources of Fixed and Working Capital

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Title page

Title of project-Production
Candidate Name Shonette Gasper
Candidate Number
Center Number0900021
Name of SchoolEast Ruimveldt Secondary School
Date of submission11/12/12

Content Page
Description of Business`3-5
Justification of Location 6
Selection of Appropriate Labour 7 Source of Fixed and Working Capital8

Role of entrepreneur 9
Type of Production10
Level of Production 11
Quality Control Measure 12
Use of Technology 13
Potential for growth15
Government Regulation 16
Ethnical Issues17



Task (1)
Description of location

The name of

To satisfy customer need by providing pastries of superior quality at 1) At reasonable price.
2) To make a profit.
3) To provide service

Mission Statement
To provide consumable and standard produces at an affordable cost to customers.

Task (2)
Justification of Location

Shonette pastries shop is located at lot 76 Romulus Street Agricola, East Bank Demerara. * Availability of Raw Material
* That is main used by this company is the flour factory. This manufacturing branch is located close to the shonette pastries shop where raw material is obtained or purchase from. This will reduce transportation cost of transporting material.

* Availability of Labour
* This company is located in the community where labour his highly supply. Therefore the company is well supplied with labour.

* Availability of Infrastruction
* Agricola the community in which this business will be located has a high availability of adequate infrastructure including water supply, road, electricity and telecommunication.

Task (3)
Selection of appropriate labour

* Clerk – general helper that assist customer with basic needs. * Cashiers- cash the product for the customer and state the price of the item. Simi skilled
* Porter – carry out baggies or If the is and order made by telephone the porter and delivery the item. * Manufacture – prepare the product and make it tasty and satisfying.

* Guard – service the place from thief and protect form damage or lost. * Cleaner – ensure that the surrounding and facility is always clean and tidy.

Task (4)
Source of Fixed and Working Capital
Fixed capital
* The fund which is required by the business for purchase of fixed assets (e.g.) inheritance , Loan from commercial banks

Working capital
* Is the money that the businessman uses to start the his business (e.g.) cash in hand * cash...
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