Soren Chemical

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Soren Chemical
Why is the New Swimming Pool Product Sinking

Company Background
* Founded in 1942 by Timothy Soren
* Sell :
* Industrial-strength cleaning solutions
* Industrial chemical for lubricants and fuels
* Chemical solution for treating drinking water and wastewater. * 350 products line
* 2006 revenue is $450 million.

Product Background
* Kailan MW Flocculants. (Clarifier)
* Flocculants can be thought as chemical nets that works in water to filters particles as small as 0.5 microns. * Effective in dealing with:
* Oil (deodorant, hair spray, lotion cause odoor and Cloudiness) * Combat organic debris (algae, dangerous pathogens such as E.Coli and Cryptosporidium)

Product Specifications
* Soren sold Kailan MW and Coracle are “flocculants” chemicals that suspended particles in liquids to angglomreate into larger, heavier particles called “flocs” * Kailand MW found in 2002 that effective in dealing with oils that come from deodorant, hair spray and lotions hiwch cause odors na dcloudiness in water (safety hazard) * One gallon of Kailan MW could effectively threat approximately 500,000 gallon of water * Soren estimated for 2007 US Market for specialty commercial use clarifiers to be approx USD 30 Millions


Problem Identifications

* Coracle as one of clarifiers product that produced by Soren Chemical which targetiing residential pools that have smaller size againts commercial pools * The Targeted residential pools of coracle have a lower volume of water, lower volume of swimmers, and less intense maintenance program * Estimated thered are 9 millions residential pools in US * Currently corracle has 3 leading competitors for residential pools clairifiers (each of competitor has a 15% to 20% share: * keystone Chemical

* Kymera
* Jacson Laboratories
* The first year goal for coracle is USD 1,5 Millions
* The frequency of usage of...
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