Social Influence on Consumer Behaviour

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1.1 Background of the Study
Broadly defined, the social environment consists with social relations between and among individuals and groups of individuals, from small interest groups contained of a few individuals to whole nations. Individuals interact with others in their particular social environment directly or indirectly by observing the dealings of others. People develop the capacity to estimate their behavior by experiencing the costs of having acted in ways that break social norms which is the expectation of the society in which they live. Social values set the person and symbolize the values and morality of what in the greater society is usually measured “good” and “desirable.” Social norms are rules or expectations through which a society guides the behavior of its members and often echo social values. Social norms are mechanisms of social control which promote conformity. There is a video showing an experiment on social influence and conformity in the Annexture 1.

The macro social environment includes both indirect social interactions among very large groups of people. Three social environments culture, subculture and social class powerfully influence the values, norms, and behaviors including the financial behaviors of individuals.

The micro social environment includes face-to-face social interactions between individuals and among groups of people, including family and reference groups, which include friends, peer groups, and other groups with whom people share common interests. Other social entities transfer values, symbolic meanings, and behavioral norms from the macro social environment to individuals. These include media such as TV programs, newspapers, magazines, film, literature, music and all manner of Internet communications; organizations including religious, charitable and educational institutions, police and the courts, governments, and commercial and retail businesses.

Socio-cultural influences evolve from formal and informal relationships with other people in the society. From this view point of marketing, the mix of cultural, social, personal and psychological factors that influence of consumer behavior largely are non controllable. From this report mainly we are going to discuss how the social factors are influencing on consumer behavior. Social Influence includes,

* Personal Influence
* Reference Groups
* Opinion Leaders
* Market Mavens
* The Family
* Social Class
* Culture
* Sub Culture
* Other

1.2 Importance of Social Influence
The product’s brand value and social leadership also influence customers or other interested parties to achieve some goal. Actually they are trying force people through things like advertising. In this case organizations should identify the correct audience to influence. Nowadays organizations use social media like Facebook twitter to influence peoples. But some times it’s getting manipulated rather than influence.

Social influences can affect people significantly, and they come in many kinds. Not everyone is equally forced to keep rationality in thinking with a group to which they belong. As an example who suffer from fear of who are in love willing to agree with group ideas.

Social influence is defined as s change in an individual’s thoughts, feelings, attitudes, or behaviors that results from interaction with another individual or a group. There are wide varieties of social interactions including family, friends, customers, salespeople and political figures. This is a process of changing people’s feelings and behavior according to people who have the same feelings. When a larger proportion of people hold the same feeling or attitude then it will automatically effect on individuals.

Social Influence source,
- Is respectable
- The communication of the source is vast
- Uses communication more often
- This will show what to do and what not to do

1.3 Sources of Influence
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