Smoking in Academics

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Angie Casias

Going Back To School

Returning back school after 15 years was scary. First of all I decided

It was time to return to school, I needed to speak to my family and make sure everyone

Was on board with my decision. Secondly, I went and visited the college near my house.

While I was there I decided to talk to different teachers. Which by the way was fun and

Exciting way to get to know the different classes I could take for the certificate I wanted

To get. Finally there was registering for the classes I’ve choosen. And, that’s the stages I

Took to get here today. Believe me, I’m more happier everyday that I made the decision

To come back to school after so long. The decision was a big one to make but there is

No could time to come back and get some more training so you could make more money

To take care of yourself and for your family. I never thought I would come back but after

Not having the education I needed was a bad thing considering that my daughter is going

To graduate from high school in the next year. She is already getting ready for admission

To college’s of her choice. That is the main reason I decided to go back and I really want

To Take care of the elderly. I work with them now but I can’t really take care of them

Without the degree to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.
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