Sleary's Circus

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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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Hard Times written by Charles Dickens has themes of morality, importance of fellowship and sharing, irreparability of human action, childhood and money. The novel which is set up in fictitious Victorian industrial Coketown,, assesses industrialization and the effect it had on people The ill effects of Victorian Utilitarianism are seen in the novel, through two of its characters, Thomas Gradgrind and Josiah Bounderby. the sleary circus in Charles Dickens' novel Hard Times is full of life, color, and character which is in sharp contrast to the bleak and gray industrial setting of Coketown, the modernist mentality represented by Bounderby and Gradgrind’s modernist attitude, characterized by brazen materialism, selfishness, and pure rationality , the circus workers are imaginative and free; the factory workers of Coketown , on the other hand, are drones who drudge all day long. Similarly, the circus performers demonstrate a cooperative, communal, and compassionate attitude, whereas the industrialists signify widespread individualism, greed, and self-centeredness. The circus represents a diversion from the mundane, a realm of pure imagination, whereas the factories of Coketown are nothing but mundane and are entirely lacking in imagination.

Sleary’s Circus is the “Life –giving’’ anti-thesis of Gradgrind’s abr]stract themes of ecucation and life and utilitarian world guided by materialistic pursuits. the novel explores arenas dealing with destructive forces of industrial revolution to confine human imagination with great adeptness through the Sleary circus The circus is cathartic and celebrates spontaneity and enjoyment. The world of the circus is a wonderful combination of unbridled freedom and amazing feats of control achieved by people . Sleary's people are shown by Dickens as leading lives which go against everything which Gradgrind represents. he and his circus stand for a freedom and generosity of mind, for the truth of natural feelings, the more...
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