Sister Nivedita

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Sister Nivedita
Personal Life:
Margaret Elizabeth Nobel who is familiarly known as “Sister Nivedita” was born on October, 1867 in Ireland. Her parents are Samuel Richmond Noble and Mary Isabel Noble. Her grandfather, Mr. John Noble, was a priest in a church had brought her up by providing her the feelings of bravery and patriotism since Ireland was fighting for its freedom at that time since she lost her father when she was ten years old. Then she was brought up by her maternal grandparents.

She looked so beautiful and also had the compassion to the sufferings and a great concern for the misfortunes of others. She finished her college in London and she started her career as a teacher at the age of seventeen.

She was interested in teaching and considered it as a challenge of teaching to children in a different way. She used to write in many periodicals and articles and sooner she became a renowned teacher. And once she was in love with a person named Welsh and they got engaged. But sooner, Mr. Welsh got ill seriously and he died within few months. To recover from it, Margaret studied many books and went for many religious events and she turned her life into a different direction. Value system of Sister Nivedita:

Being as a common young girl, she was very much pleased to serve for the poor and she has a strong belief in God and this made her to take part in many religious events which would turn her life in a different aspect.

Once in her childhood, one of her father’s friends came to their home and he informed her that India was in need of service and if time comes, she could also go there and serve the country. She believed that and kept that message in her heart for years and waited for the right time to serve India and its people.

In 1895, she came to know the miserable status of India thro Swami Vivekananda in a religious meeting. Swami Vivekananda had a strong belief that education is the only way to improve the country and educating women is more important for making the country to get recover from many things for which lack of education and ignorance was the root cause. He approached her through one of her disciples in order to educate Indian women. But she took her own time to get ready to leave her motherland.

Uniqueness of Sister Nivedita:
Even though she had been longing to serve India, she initially hesitated to accept the proposal of Swami Vivekananda. She was worried about the Indian people since they were dividing their own people by the means of many things and called them as untouchables. Due to this, she initially hesitated about how the people would treat a woman from some other country. But finally her strong belief and enthusiasm made her debut in India by 1898.

Being a strong follower of Swami Vivekananda’s principles, she was very much influenced by the Indian culture and tradition. She came to Calcutta by sea and was received personally by Swami Vivekananda. Determination and grief:

When sister Nivedita came to India, she had an insight as the girl children would be sent to get educated without great effort. But the Indian women didn’t convince with her easily. But without giving up her will power and grief, she finally made the people to get convinced. Involvement in teaching:

After getting the permission of parents, she started teaching the girls in a simple, but innovative and practical way which helped the girls of different age groups in order to understand easily. Very soon the people started to like her and respect her. Service to the poor:

During the time of Plague, sister Nivedita proved that she was a great social worker in serving the people of Calcutta. She involved in all activities cleaning even the drains and sweeping the streets and also she served as a nightingale also. She helped the people who are suffering by plague. She also gave all of her money to buy medicines for the...
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