Short Story Essay-Ka Kite Bro by Willie Davis and the Woman Next Door by Joy Cowely

Topics: Discrimination, Knowledge, Girl Pages: 1 (461 words) Published: July 13, 2012
Describe at least one idea that was worth learning about in the texts. Explain why that idea was worth learning about in the texts as a whole . In the texts Ka kite bro by Willie Davis and The woman next door by Joy Cowely and important idea was discrimination. This idea was worth learning about because it showed me how discrimination changes and effects people’s lives, also it showed me how the clashing of cultures and a lack of understanding can lead to discrimination. In the text Ka kite bro, Tama was the only Māori boy in his school of pakeha students. Because all of the students were pakeha they lacked knowledge of Tama and his family’s Maori culture, causing indirect discrimination towards Tama. Tama’s friend Darryl has died and Tama just wants to say goodbye his way, The Maori way, the only way he knows how. Because the pakeha don’t understand the Māori language they think Tama’s way is weird and won’t let him say goodbye his way, which upsets and confuses Tama. Also in the text Ka kite bro, Tama because of his lack of knowledge of pakeha ways, he accidently discriminates others. Tama interrupts Darryl’s formal pakeha funeral to say his goodbyes the Māori way. “I only want to say goodbye to Darryl, not all you fellas“. He says to the funeral director, when Tama try’s to say goodbye to Darryl, the pakeha’s think that what he is saying is rude but Tama’s just trying to say goodbye to his mate the only way he knows how. In the text the woman next door, Mrs Gessner is a German woman who lived in London England during the time of world war II. Mrs Gessner is also effected by discrimination. She is discriminated against by the English people in her community directly. No one but the innocent girl cared for Mrs Gessner “Nor could I find out who had throwen the brick through Mrs Gessners window. No one seemed particularly interested”. Also in the text The woman next door, Mrs Gessner was isolated. “nor could I find out where Mr Gessner had gone…” We predict he...
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