Server Downtime

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Case 2.1 Server Downtime
As part of the first assignment, research and analysis of the downtime on a client’s primary network servers during the month of April must be done in order to further prepare a presentation to the company’s management. Downtime refers to a period of time that a system fails to provide or perform its primary function. The term is commonly applied to networks and servers. Server downtime, a period of time when the server is unusable, is prevented by close monitoring and management of key server metrics. Server downtime can result from several problems such as overloaded processors, rapidly expanding memory usage, disk errors and many more. Through the study of this client’s server downtime, management and administrators can reduce server downtime with server monitoring utilities that alert them when critical thresholds are passed so that corrective action can occur. April - Server Downtime

DateProblem ExperiencedDowntime Minutes
05/04/06Memory Errors10
09/04/06Weekly Virus Scan60
09/04/06Memory Errors35
09/04/06Memory Errors20
12/04/06Slow Startup45
12/04/06Weekly Virus Scan60
13/04/06Memory Errors30
14/04/06Memory Errors10
19/04/06Manual Restart20
20/04/06Memory Errors35
20/04/06Weekly Virus Scan60
21/04/06Memory Errors35
22/04/06Memory Errors20
27/04/06Memory Errors40
28/04/06Weekly Virus Scan60
28/04/06Memory Errors15

From the previous table, the data can be studied. It can be seen clearly that during the month of April, 22 downtimes occurred which totaling the client’s server downtime to 735 minutes. Also, there are 5 problems experienced which lead to downtime. The 22 downtimes that happened can be assigned to the 5 cause categories. The 5 cause categories or problems experienced are Lockups, Memory Errors, Weekly Virus Scan, Slow Startup and Manual...
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