Sense Perception

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Sense Perception.
Maurits Corneluis Echecher (1898-1972) is one of the most famous graphical artists. He used to use maths in his art to trick people's senses. Some of his paintings are used for atmosphere ideas in movies, for example inception. Magicians also play with our senses and trick us. The method they use is known as "smoke and mirrors". The expression "smoke and mirrors" has now entered our everyday language in English it refers to deceptive behaviour, actions or information. What does red mean? Love, danger...etc. But it can also be a corporate symbol (vodaphone), a political symbol (like communist flag) --> communists were called the reds. Red can also be an artistic symbol, symbol of danger, sports team, red can take the significance of health (red cross). Iconoclastic - when you cannot have use any religious symbols, like in Islam. In the mosque there are no statues, just quotes from the Koran. Whenever we perceive something the meaning changes depending on the context, the meaning depends on the context. What makes up this context ?

* The history of the people.
* The culture of the people.
* The political views of the people.
* Emotions.
* The environment surrounding us (if we're in a museum, class etc.) John Locke was the founder of the school of Empiricism he said that the human mind is born as a tabula rasa (clean slate). He believes we are born with nothing and no skills, he thinks that we gain ideas, skills and knowledge throughout our life's. This means that context that provides the meanings to the things we perceive is not something we're born with, but something we learn. Gestalt psychology (school of thought), it argues that we shouldn't understand perception as an individual phenomena, but as a whole because the result is more than the part of it. This theory may be applied to many things ex. a movie or a painting. This applies to the way we interpret other individuals and human actions, this is what we...
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