Self Perception Essay

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Ashton Adams
Tara Barlean
Essay on self
January 31, 2012

Essay on Self

I am, I believe, an average college student who is in average classes and just does what an everyday college student does. I run track here at OBU and I am a hurdler and I also run the 400m, the 600m, and the 800m. The two people that wrote about me are probably two people that know me the best besides my mom. I did not have a chance to get my mom to write about me but I got the next best thing. The two people who wrote about me were my roommate and my boyfriend. In my eyes, these people know me pretty well. They both see me everyday and have seen me at my best but they have also seen me when I have been at my worst.

The first person to write an assessment was my roommate, Aspen Marical, and she wrote the following:
“ Ashton Adams is my roommate. I have known Ashton for 2 years now. When I first met Ashton, she seemed super outgoing. We ran on the same summer track team. When I first joined the team, I really didn’t know anyone. Ashton was the one who included me. Ashton has the personality where she can talk to anyone.  Now that Ashton and I live together, I have gotten to know her even better. Ashton is the perfect roommate. She is respectful of me. She doesn’t mess with my things without asking, and she is quiet when I am sleeping. I couldn’t have asked for a better roommate. Ashton isn’t just my roommate though, she has become like a sister to me. When I am upset I can always count on her to cheer me up and make me laugh. Ashton has always been there for me.  Ashton is a person that I and other people can rely on. She is outgoing and fun, but also knows when it is the time to be serious. She works hard when she knows things need to be accomplished. Overall, Ashton is someone that everyone should want in his or her life. You can always count on her for a smile everyday.” She knows me better than most people so I have to trust that what she says is true.

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