Second Periodic Test

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Name: _________________________________Year & Section: _________________________

DIRECTIONS: Tell whether the statements below use a RISING INTONATION or a RISING-
FALLING INTONATION. Write R for rising and RF for rising-falling intonation. _____1. Have you study your lessons?
_____2. I have seen the movie twice.
_____3. When is the deadline for the submission of our project? _____4. Are you sure?
_____5. She might be late.

A. DIRECTIONS: Use the articles A, AN and THE in the nouns below: 6. The leader of ___________ group is good.
7. _______ apple a day keeps the doctor away.
8.My father is ________ honorable man.
9. We went to _________ DILG office.
10. ______ new song is being played.

B. DIRECTIONS: Select the reference material needed below. Write your answer on the space
_________________________11. The population of the Philippines in 1990. _________________________12. The meaning of the word “outrageous”. _________________________13. The different kinds of insects. _________________________14. The color of the Japanese flag. _________________________15. The stress mark of the word “sedimentary.”


C. DIRECTIONG: Supply the missing word in the analogy below: 16. School is to study as church is to ______________________. 17. Bark is to dog as buzz is to _______________________.
18. White is to good as black is to ___________________.
19. Sun is to day as moon is to ____________________.
20. Allah is to Muslim as Christ is to ___________________.

D. DIRECTIONS: Encircle the letter of the correct answer.
21. Who is the wife of Leon?
a. Mariab. Emeliac. Lumnay
22. What did Mr. Angeles brought to his family?
a. caretelab. beansc. mats
23. The following are dead children of Mr. Angeles EXCEPT…
a. Josefinab. Marcelinac. Victoria
24. He was the brother of Leon.
a. Juan...
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