Topics: Public health, Health, Health care Pages: 117 (19609 words) Published: December 9, 2012
What is meant by
“quality of life”?

Why should I be
concerned about health
conditions in other

How do my friends and
family influence my

What can I do to change
an unhealthy habit?


The Basics of
Healthy Change
✱ Discuss health in terms of
its dimensions and historical,
current, and future perspectives.
✱ Explain the importance of a
healthy lifestyle in preventing
premature disease and promoting
✱ Discuss the health status of

Americans and the significance of
Healthy People 2010 and 2020
and other national initiatives to
promote health.
✱ Understand the importance of

a global perspective on health,
and recognize how gender,
racial, and cultural backgrounds
influence disparities in health
status, research, and risk.
✱ Examine your role in protecting

global health through adoption of
a green lifestyle.
✱ Evaluate sources of health

information, particularly the
Internet, to determine reliability.
✱ Focus on current risk

behaviors, and realize how they
can impact your current and
future health.
✱ Learn how to apply behavior-

ISBN 1-256-05268-X

change techniques to your own

Health: The Basics, Green Edition, Ninth Edition, by Rebecca J. Donatelle. Published by Benjamin Cummings. Copyright © 2011 by Pearson Education, Inc.


Do you have health on your mind? Do you try to eat nutritious foods and exercise regularly? Do you avoid tobacco and alcohol use? Or do you prefer not to think about your health? Maybe you feel you have plenty of time to worry about it later in life, or maybe you just don’t know where to begin. The

health habits of college students, be they 19 or 39, vary
widely. While many of you engage in less-than-healthy
behaviors, many of you also take the opposite track and do
your best to improve and maintain good health.
But what does it mean to be in good health? More importantly, do you think that you are healthy? If you feel fine and have no problems conducting your life from day to day, does
that mean you enjoy optimal health?
You might be surprised to learn that health is much more
complex than just the absence of disease. Optimal health
habits can lead to a robust and thriving life, while marginal habits can lead to poor health later in life even though you may feel okay now. In addition to the physical health that helps ensure a sound body, your social, intellectual, emotional, environmental, and spiritual health all play a role in maintaining your well-being, and poor health in any of these areas can have negative impacts

health The ever-changing process
not just today, but next month,
of achieving individual potential in
next year, and 20 years from now.
the physical, social, emotional,
mental, spiritual, and environmental
Your health is affected by your
environment, genetics, and, imwellness The achievement of the portantly, your lifestyle, and the
highest level of health possible in
choices you make every day help
each of several dimensions.
sustain, improve, or destroy it.
The good news is that adopting healthy behaviors, while not
necessarily easy, does not have to be painful, and achieving behavior change can be a fun and rewarding process. The purpose of this book is to explore the various areas of your life that affect your short- and long-term health. As you learn more

about the health effects of specific behaviors, you are encouraged to consider how your actions today will affect you tomorrow, and you will learn how your behaviors also affect the

2 | PART ONE |

Putting Your Health
in Perspective
Although we use the term health almost unconsciously, few
people understand the broad scope of the word. For some,
health simply means the antithesis of sickness. To others, it means being in good physical shape and able to resist illness. Still others use terms such as wellness, or well-being, to
include a wide array of...
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