Sba Outline

Topics: General ledger, Balance sheet, Accounts receivable Pages: 4 (586 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Principles of Accounts
SBA Outline

Draft 1:

1. Cover Page
• Name
• School: Washington Archibald High
• School Code: 130009
• Registration Number: 130009 _ _ _ _
• Subject: Principles of Accounts
• Topic: A financial analysis of …for the month of … • Territory: St. Kitts
• Date Submitted:

2. Aims of Project
• At least three goals you wish to achieve by completing the SBA • Only one aim may be personal; the others must be related to the business • It would be easier to formulate the aims if they are based on the accounting ratios

3. Data Sheet
• Name of business
• Short history of business (see description of business) • Location
• Reason for location (see description of business) • Ownership of business (sole trader, partnership, etc) • Size of staff (see description of business for details) • Type of business (manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, service) • Business activities

• Period of Review
• Frequency of reporting (monthly)
• Documents used
• Journals and accounting records used
• Accounting ratios used

4. Description of Business
• Name of business
• Date it was established
• Type of ownership (sole trader, partnership, co-operation, etc.) • Description of business activities (what is offered, the type offered, to whom) • Number of employees and their positions

• Operating hours
• Source of finance and how much
• Location of business
• Reason for location

5. Transactions (20 -25)
• Opening balances (assets and liabilities)
• Cash and credit sales
• Cash and credit purchases
• Cash discounts allowed and received
• Carriage inwards...
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