Sample English Questions

Topics: Following, Sentence, Word Pages: 4 (723 words) Published: March 2, 2013
A- Select the best answere
1- Very kind of you .A pint of bitter , please.
a- They are having tea
b- They are taking cofee
c- They are sucking lolly pop
d- Non of the above
2- There was a safe in the wall.It is used for:
a- To keep valuable things
b- Expensive items
c- Dear articles
d- All of the above
3- They get bored if they are asked to do the same trick twice.In this pattern: a- Condition is used
b- If clauses are utilized
c- Passive never
d- Passive – conditional once
4- They are better adapted to their enviroment than…
a- It is a comparitive degree
b- It is a positive one
c- It is only comparison
d- It is supperlative one
5- She is following “The keeping up with the Jonses policy”It means: a- She is a normal lady
b- She is keeping up with
c- She is not a normal housewife
d- None of the above
B- Select the best word.
1- Originally:
a- At first
b- Later on
c- To poned
2- Take any notice of:
a- Pay any attention to
b- Regard
c- Notice
d- a,b,c
3- Hold up:
a- Exposed
b- Suspend
c- Exhibit
d- Keep up
4- Tidy:
a- Neat
b- Repetitive
c- Monotonous
d- Tideless
5- Run up against:
a- Crashed into
b- Met
c- Completed with
6- Ruming down:
a- Knocking over
b- Criticising
c- Chasing
C- Select the best sentence.
1-a-Good morning,
b-Good morning:
c-Good morning;
d-Good morning.
2-a-He can see through the day
b-He can see the day
c-He is able to see the day
3-a-The job got to you was easy.
b- The job got for you is easy
c-The job got for you was easy
d-The job got in for you is easy
4-a-He picked camly up the phone
b-He picked up camly the phone
c-He camly picked up the phone
d-He,camly,picked up the phone
5-a-A two-storeis house has two floor
b-A two-storey house have two floor
c-A two story house has two floors
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