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  • Topic: Systems analysis, Object-oriented analysis and design, Electronic commerce
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  • Published : January 30, 2013
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|Course Code |SAD |Pre-requisite |None | |Course Title |System Analysis and Design |Co-requisite |None | |Credit Units |3 (2 Hours Lecture) |Semester |Second Semester | |Total Contact Hours |3 (3 Hours Laboratory) |Academic Year |2012-2013 |

|Course Description: | |This course provides a methodical approach to developing computer systems including systems planning, analysis, design, testing, implementation and software maintenance.  Emphasis is on the strategies and techniques of systems analysis and | |design for producing logical methodologies for dealing with complexity in the development of information systems. The course approaches the development of information systems from a problem-solving perspective. This course builds upon concepts| |to which the student has been exposed in previous classes. |

|Course Objectives: | |At the end of the course, students are expected to: | |Cognitive: | |Explain the concepts of a system and what it means to develop and implement an information system in an organization. | |Evaluate the major phases of the system development life cycle. | |Describe the information and processing needs of the organization. | |Affective: | |Be able to elicit, identify, recognize, and capture requirements for information systems. | |Be able to produce a structured system specification for a...
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