Sacraments Study Guide

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  • Published: May 19, 2013
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Sacraments Study Guide
1. Terms
Sacrament : outward sign instituted by Christ to give grace
Efficacious : capable of producing a desired effect
sacramental economy : dispensation of the fruits of the Paschal Mystery entrusted to the Church until Christ comes again Incarnation : God becoming human
Liturgy : official public worship of the Church
Hypostatic Union : doctrine of faith that recognizes two natures of Jesus, human and divine Evangelists : writers of the four gospels
Jesus : Hebrew name that means "God saves."
Christ : Hebrew name meaning "Anointed One."
Messiah : long prophesied Savior that God would send to save people from their sins primordial sacrament : reference to Jesus as "prime sacrament." Marks of the Church : One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic

Communion of Saints : all believers on earth, in Heaven, and in Purgatory human solidarity : virtue of social charity and friendship whereby we recognize our interdependence social justice : form of justice that treats all people fairly and equally according to their due charism : a God-given talent, skill, gift, or ability that is given to each person for the good of everyone in the Church sacramental grace : participation in the life and love of the Trinity that comes to us through the sacraments theological virtues : faith, hope, and love

laity : all Baptized members of the Church who are not ordained Pentecost : Greek word meaning "fiftieth day" known as "birthday of the Church" Paraclete : name for Holy Spirit that means advocate, defender, or consoler Apostolic Succession : unbroken chain of authority in the Church Transubstantiation : the bread and wine truly become the Body and Blood of Christ Ministerial Priesthood : priesthood of Christ received in the sacrament of Holy Orders Common Priesthood : priesthood of the faithful shared by those baptized and confirmed sacramental character : an indelible spiritual mark which is a permanent effect of Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Orders...
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