Romeo and Juliet Performance Reflection

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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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As the director, my role in my group was to tell the actors where they need to go, get props, pretty much show direction amongst the group. While the actors were performing, I was directing them on what they should be doing, such as showing more emotions in their lines, more movement, etc. I took on the role of being a director better than I would have taken on the role of being an actor. Therefore, I did an average job I would say. Some of our strengths were our use of props and the lines were clearly spoken throughout the entire scene. Some of our weaknesses were our lack of movement and emotion in our lines. The scene did go as planned, I just feel if we practiced a tad more it could have been better. If I were to do this assignment again I would not do it the same. I would have strictly enforced the actors to show emotion and move around the stage more. Although I did enforce movement and emotion I felt as if I could have done a better job at being director. To be honest yes. I feel as if everyone equally participated the same. I feel that Tyler Johnson as the Nurse deserved a 50/60 due to his lack of emotion and not so clear speaking. Sam Kinerk as Romeo in my mind deserved a 55/60 he showed quite bit more emotion than Tyler, also he was louder during his lines. Nasir Dara being Friar Lawrence deserved a total of 53/60 points he was clear during his lines, used quite a bit of props, but lacked emotions during some. Steven Daniels deserves a 54/60 due to his efforts on trying to control this group of boys. He offered to bring in scrubs for Tyler being the Nurse. He was also very quite during times and did not show leadership like qualities although he did a very nice job being a director.
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