Role of Cabinet in Bc

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Definition of Cabinet:
o“the Buckle” that binds together the legislative and executive branches oCabinet described as the “key engine” of the state b/c most legislation is passed through the Cabinet oCabinet the body that makes the key decisions about the state oCentral aspect of modern Canadian gov’t

oConstitute a fusion of powers between the executive and the legislative branches of gov’t oUS – separation of power, legislative and executive powers are separated oCabinet are made up of MPs and inside legislative

oMajority in gov’t side, Cabinet and backbenchers, one can be sure that the decisions by the gov’t or Cabinet will be supported by the majority means executive and legislative branches are making decisions at the same time = fusion of powers oCabinet is the body that executes the decisions that are taken oHouse of commons pass the legislation and be responsible for the authority behind the legislation oHouse doesn’t actually carry it out – don’t give directions to the bureaucrat, manage the finances → that happens in the Cabinet oCabinet that executes the legislation that has been put in place oCabinet is the gov’t – engine of the state

oParliament is a different concept
oMP on the opp. Side is not in Cabinet and therefore not on gov’t side. oWe tend to use the terms interchangeably and sometimes develop confusion oPrecise: Cabinet as the gov’t and the bureaucracy it directs and Parliament or the House of Commons oMP is not a member of gov’t

oMember of Cabinet is a member of gov’t

oMembers of Cabinet must be drawn from the House
oPossibly for PM to appoint someone to the Cabinet from the Senate oPeriodically, what happens is that the PM will decide that there is someone that he wants as a member of Cabinet but who is not a member of Parliament oDespite responsible gov’t, appointing someone to Cabinet from the House, it is possible for PM to appoint one or two members of the Senate to the Cabinet and they get to be a Cabinet minister and get the executive powers along with that oOne or two, but there is actually no formal rule about how many but one can imagine that if a PM appoints too many, there would be an outcry and the PM probably wouldn’t try to get away with it oUsually a case where there is some part of the country, usually a geographic region or some sector of the country that, in which there is no gov’t member of the House that would be suitable member of the Cabinet oPM will appoint someone from general society, first appoints them to senate and then to Cabinet → Usually, there will be an election for that person so that they can become a member of the House → Sometimes senators will stay as Cabinet ministers for a long time within that 4-5 term mandate of the gov’t → BUT THERE IS A FEELING THAT THERE SHOULD BE A BY-ELECTION → Some MP from the gov’t side steps down and there can be an election within that electoral district and that election will have that senator run in that electoral district and the party hopes that that member can be elected so that he/ she can legitimately be appointed as member of Cabinet •COALITION:

Never been a coalition gov’t in House
Coalitions have happened on the provincial level in BC (1980s), Saskatchewan (1990s) ➢When coalitions happen within the Westminster system, if there is a formal coalition, usually what happens, in order to formalize that coalition and entice that smaller party into the coalition, some of its members will also be in the Cabinet ➢Strictly speaking, in a coalition, those two parties would be on the gov’t side of the House so it would be a routine matter to appoint someone from party A and some from party B into Cabinet ➢For the most part, Cabinet members are selected from MPs and usually exclusively from the gov’t side •Representation

Something PMs will do as they are deciding who will go into the Cabinet,...
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