Responsibilities of the Teacher, Professional Boundaries and the Learning Cycle

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  • Published : June 4, 2012
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Responsibilities of the Teacher, Professional Boundaries and the Learning Cycle

Responsibilities of the Teacher

The responsibilities of the Teacher will include:
Completing attendance records
Maintaining records of student progress eg: interview, tutorials, assessments etc •Having a duty of care for your students
Inducting students to the organisation and course
Carrying out one-to-one tutorials and reviews with students •Following professional values and ethics
Acting and speaking appropriately
Standardising your practice with others
Attending meetings
Preparing delivery material and marking work
Attending promotional events and exhibitions
Referring students to other people or agencies when necessary

Professional Boundaries

You will have professional boundaries within which to work and it is important not to overstep these. You would need to find out what these are at your place of work.

It is about knowing where your role as a Tutor stops. Eg: You might feel it sensible to make a telephone call to a student, who has been absent, but making regular calls would be inappropriate.

It may be more appropriate to request assistance from others to ensure that an equal and positive learning experience is available for all.

Always ensure you maintain confidentiality and follow any organisational requirements.

The Learning Cycle

This is known as a Cycle, because it can be started at any time, but all points must be followed, for effective training and learning

1.Identifying needs and planning – finding out the needs of the organisation and the students, preparing a scheme of work and session plans to deliver group or individual learning based upon the needs of the organisation, the syllabus and the students 2.Designing – preparing the environment, suitable delivery resources and handouts 3.Facilitating – delivering teaching and learning in a suitable manner 4.Assessing –...
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